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Wipe Bucket Dispensers

Wipes.com is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

Wipes Dispensers: Buckets

Owning a commercial property means your store front or building is accessed by many different people, from customers to employees. Disinfecting wipes and sanitizing wipes make a huge difference in controlling the spread of bacteria, viruses and contagious illnesses. Wipes.com offers business owners solutions that keep indoor environments clean and germ-free.  Wipes.com products, including bucket dispensers, are available to order in bulk, as are other accessories that make grabbing wipes simple.

Our portable wipe buckets help you position the disinfecting wipes and sanitizing wipes exactly where you need them. Fill the appropriate dispensing buckets for the 800-count rolls of disinfecting wipes or the 1,200-count rolls of sanitizing wipes, or the 1,000-count rolls of the ECO1000 wipes. Your colleagues and customers will always be assured of having what they need to keep equipment and other surfaces clear of germs.

About Wipes Buckets

Wipes buckets are just one of the dispenser types we offer that ensure disinfecting and sanitizing wipes are easily accessible at all times. All of our dispensers are designed to hold rolls of a specific type of wipe for your particular applications. The buckets are made of recyclable plastic with lids for securing and easy dispensing of the wipes. Each bucket is equipped with a handle for portability, and the lid has a small center cap that opens for easy dispensing and closes to keep the wipes damp and ready to use. When you select a bucket to purchase at Wipes.com, please note that the wipes are sold separately.

Our wipes buckets are labeled to indicate the type of wipes contained in the bucket. Use the information below to select the appropriate bucket for your needs:

  • Disinfecting label bucket: This option is designed to hold 800-count rolls of EPA registered disinfectant wipes. Purchase disinfecting wipes to kill bacteria and viruses like COVID-19, salmonella, Hepatitis B and C, E. coli, and staph on hard surfaces.
  • ECO1000 label bucket: The ECO1000 bucket is made specifically for ECO1000 wipes, which have 1,000 wipes per roll. 
  • Sanitizing label bucket: This portable dispenser bucket is labeled specifically for our FDA-approved hand wipes. Sanitizing wipes are safe for use on the skin, and one of the best ways to reduce the chance of illness-causing germs transferring to/from one's hands. They are also recommended for use on surfaces such as vinyl, plastic, metal or rubber, such as shopping carts and gym equipment. The appropriately labeled bucket will hold a 1,200-count roll of sanitizing wipes.

Uses for Wipes Buckets

Wipes.com is your source for wipes that cleanse and kill germs conveniently through the use of specialized buckets that help to easily dispense wipes for protecting your staff and customers. Ordering wipes along with the appropriately labeled buckets adds a whole new level of convenience for anyone using company-owned machines, technology, appliances and more. Examples of uses for Wipes.com wipes buckets for dispensing wipes include:

  • Exercise/Cardio equipment: Gym members are more inclined to wipe down treadmills, bikes, and other exercising equipment after use if sanitizing gym wipes are within reach.
  • Lunchrooms: Position a wipe bucket in breakrooms so workers can leave tables, microwaves and surfaces free of germs.
  • Grocery baskets and carts: An available bucket of wipes will give customers the opportunity to clean cart handles upon entering your store/business.
  • Consumer products/samples: Keep a bucket handy for employees to clean products and samples that are frequently handled by the public, such as a eyeglass frames, or a display of cell phones.

Wipes.com Sells Wipes Buckets Individually

Empty buckets are available for individual purchase, so determine how many wipe buckets you require for your applications and locations. Then you can order as many rolls of wipes as you require to refill the buckets as needed. We also sell our rolls of disinfecting wipes and FDA-approved rolls of sanitizing wipes in bulk so you always have supplies on hand.

We are known for our fast shipping timelines. So your bucket order should arrive in about two business days within the continental United States.

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Wipes.com allows you to order wipe buckets in the quantities you need. Add your items to your cart, and checkout with us today. If you have questions about our products, give us a call at 877-348-9473 or contact us online.