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Wipes.com is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

Reducing germs and the risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infections begins with proper cleaning. Ensure your sanitizing and disinfecting wipes remain easily accessible with any of our gym wipes dispensers and refills. We offer various wipe dispensers:

Stands - Convenient for offices, airports, schools, grocery stores, healthcare facilities and gyms, wipe stands offer a versatile solution. Our stands are designed to dispense one wipe at a time and provide a receptacle for used wipes.
Wall Mounts - Affordable wall mounted wipe dispensers give you the freedom to offer sanitizing wipes throughout your facility to encourage employees or clients to sanitize non-porous surfaces on the go.
Buckets - Our buckets offer simple and portable sanitizing solutions when you need them most. Perfect for summer camps, sporting events, fairs and more. Use indoors or outdoors!

  • Wipes.com Wall Mounted Wipe Dispenser

    Wall Mounted Wipes Dispenser

    Mountable Disinfecting Wipes Dispenser Wipes.com is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitals, schools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness...

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  • Bucket Stand

    Bucket Stand

    Bucket Stand with Sign/Trashcan Our newest dispensing option combines the ease of using buckets to dispenser, a sign to remind clients to disinfect, and a trash can!Sometimes simplify is the easiest way....and using a bucket to dispense is just that. No...

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  • Empty Bucket Dispenser - ECO1000 Label

    Empty Bucket Dispenser - ECO1000 Label

    Empty Bucket Dispenser for ECO1000 Wipes Wipes.com is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitals, schools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness...

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Wipes Dispensers for Sale

Whether you operate a gym, work in an office or are in a school setting, you likely have many people regularly touching various items and surfaces. To help reduce the spread of germs and other pathogens, it's essential to keep frequently touched areas clean throughout the day. Placing disinfectant wipe holders in entryways, breakrooms and other common spaces provides a convenient and simple way to keep surfaces sanitary. People can grab a wipe and clean things off before and after they use them.  

At Wipes.com, we carry several different sanitary and disinfectant wipes dispensers to choose from. Each of our wall mounts, buckets or stands can hold the sanitizing and disinfecting products you need to keep your spaces free from germs and bacteria.

Wall Mounted Wipes Dispenser

Are you limited on space in your working area? A wall mounted wipe holder may be just what you need. These products are helpful for smaller spaces like restrooms, offices, employee break spaces or home kitchens. Each container can hold one roll of either sanitizing or disinfecting wipes with ease. Pull individual wipes from the top of the dispenser to clean your hands or a surface nearby. 

When you purchase a wall mounted wipes holder from Wipes.com, you'll receive everything you need to hang the dispenser, including the mounting brackets. Installation is simple as well, requiring just three steps:

  • Determine where you want the dispenser to be on the wall.
  • Place the brackets on the wall. 
  • Hang the wall mounted dispenser from these attachments.

Replacing the wipes is an easy process, too. Use the included key to unlock the hinges of the holder, and open the front to remove the old roll and place the new roll inside. You can keep the roll in its plastic bag and just open the top of the bag to avoid the roll drying out. Then, just pull one wipe up through the top from the center of the roll so that people can grab the wipes they need. Close the dispenser back up, and it's ready to use. 

We sell the sanitizing and disinfecting wipes you need to make this replacement simple and convenient every time you do it. 

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Wipes Dispenser Stand

Wipe stands work best in entryways and hallways in buildings like grocery stores, airports or church buildings. Many of these stands are about 49 inches tall so that they are accessible for most people. We offer three different kinds of dispenser stands:

  • Bucket stand
  • Stainless steel floor stand
  • Black stainless steel floor stand

The stainless steel floor stands both have a modern and sleek design for any professional environment. Remove the top lid to place a roll of wipes inside the container. Before replacing the lid, feed the first wipe through a small hole in the center of the circular top. The floor stand also has a spot inside to place a wastebasket for people to safely dispose of their used wipes, and a rear door makes it easy to replace the trash bag liner.

For the bucket stands, a basket is attached to the front to hold the bucket of cleansing wipes. Our buckets fit perfectly in the basket, and it's easy for anyone to grab the wipe that sticks out from the top of the lid. A trash can is near the bottom of this stand so that used wipes can be disposed of properly. 

Single Bucket Dispenser

If you want a portable dispenser option, then purchasing one of our refillable buckets might be the best choice. Our vessels have either a sanitizing or disinfecting label so that you know what to place inside. 

Patrons and employees can use these buckets in different areas since they're portable. Desk workers can grab a wipe quickly to clean phones, keyboards and other hand-held devices. Gym customers can quickly grab gym wipes to disinfect machine handles and weights they touch after each session. 

Benefits of a Wipe Dispensers

Having visible disinfecting wipe holders around your business helps to promote a sanitary environment. When wipes are easily accessible, customers and employees can easily clean what they interact with and reduce the spread of germs and other pathogens. 

Both our disinfecting and sanitizing products are safe for any nonporous surfaces. Our disinfecting wipes are EPA approved to kill viruses that cause illnesses such as:

  • COVID-19.
  • MRSA.
  • Staph infections.
  • Influenza. 

Sanitizing wipes are not EPA-approved, so they cannot use the same "kill claims" as disinfecting wipes. However, sanitizing wipes are FDA approved to reduce germs that may cause illness. 

Wipe dispensers help reduce germs for everyone involved. People can simply grab a wipe to sanitize or disinfect without touching the dispenser's surface. Each roll from Wipes.com fits perfectly with the wall mounts, bucket and stand holders, and all of our dispensers are also refillable.

With our bulk options available for purchase, you can always make sure you have enough cleaning products to keep your area free of germs. The shelf life for our sanitizing and disinfecting wipes lasts 12 months, saving you time and money from having to buy smaller packages of wipes constantly. 

Gym Wipes Dispensers

After setting up your gym wipes dispenser, you'll want to make sure that everyone in your space uses the disinfecting wipes to kill the viruses and bacteria that linger on non-porous surfaces.

Techniques you can use to encourage regular compliance include:

  • Create clear signage: Proper signage reminds everyone to wipe down their gym equipment and any surfaces that can be disinfected with these sturdy wipes. Visual reminders are a terrific way to get everyone on board and they work with all age groups, too.
  • Place your gym disinfectant wipes dispensers in high-traffic areas: Have you noticed that one or more of your dispensers isn't getting much use? You may need to relocate the dispenser to an area where it enjoys increased visibility. 
  • Ask employees to train new members to grab wipes: The newest members of your facility may not understand the value of wiping down equipment after a workout. Ask your trainers and employees to educate members on how and why to give the equipment a quick wipe with disinfectant.
  • Keep your dispensers filled: Members and staffers can't use your dispensers if the dispensers are empty. Check dispensers regularly and refill them as needed so they always stay full.
  • Purchase more dispensers if yours keep running out: This is a great problem to have — people use your gym wipe stands so much that you have to keep replacing the wipes! However, if you constantly have to refill large stands or buckets, you may want to buy more supplies to accommodate a growing need.

All Types of Gyms Can Use Disinfectant Gym Wipes Dispensers

Standalone workout facilities like private gyms and community fitness centers aren't the only health-related locations that can use gym disinfectant wipes stands and dispensers. Consider making a wipes dispenser purchase for your:

  • K-12 school gym and accompanying locker rooms.
  • College field house.
  • Residential community gym room.
  • Hotel fitness center.
  • Corporate fitness area.
  • Yoga or Pilates studio.
  • Physical therapy center.
  • Personal home gym, especially if you have a large family and many equipment pieces.

Remember that the easier you make it to disinfect treadmills, yoga mats, elliptical trainers and other equipment, the more likely everyone will do their part to fight the spread of contagious viruses and colds.

Make health a priority in the gym where you work — or work out. Order one or several sturdy gym wipes stands from Wipes.com right away.

Buy Wipes in Bulk Today

Do you need long-term cleaning products with high-quality results? Wipes.com has you covered with our wholesale and individual orders of disinfecting and sanitizing wipes. We work diligently to make sure you get your orders sent as soon as possible. If you order before 2 p.m. EST, we will ship your order the very same day. If you order after that time, your order will be shipped the next business day.  

Keep viruses and bacteria at bay with the assistance of Wipes.com. If you have any questions about making a custom order, fill out our order form, and we can help you get started on your purchase!