Wipe Dispensers

Large Roll Wipe Dispensers

Reducing germs and the risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infections begins with proper cleaning. Ensure your sanitizing and disinfecting wipes remain easily accessible with any of our gym wipes dispensers and refills. We offer various wipe dispensers:

Stands - Convenient for offices, airports, schools, grocery stores, healthcare facilities and gyms, wipe stands offer a versatile solution. Our stands are designed to dispense one wipe at a time and provide a receptacle for used wipes.
Wall Mounts - Affordable wall mounted wipe dispensers give you the freedom to offer sanitizing wipes throughout your facility to encourage employees or clients to sanitize non-porous surfaces on the go.
Buckets - Our buckets offer simple and portable sanitizing solutions when you need them most. Perfect for summer camps, sporting events, fairs and more. Use indoors or outdoors!

  • Empty Bucket Dispenser - Sanitizing Label

    Empty Bucket Dispenser - Sanitizing Label

    Empty Bucket Dispenser for Sanitizing Wipes Wipes are not included with empty bucket.This handy EMPTY bucket wipe dispenser holds refill rolls (not included) of 1200 count disinfecting or sanitizing wipes from Wipes.com and can be placed anywhere you...

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  • Bucket Stand

    Bucket Stand

    Bucket Stand with Sign/Trashcan Our newest dispensing option combines the ease of using buckets to dispenser, a sign to remind clients to disinfect, and a trash can!Sometimes simplify is the easiest way....and using a bucket to dispense is just that. No...

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  • Wipes.com Wall Mounted Wipe Dispenser

    Wall Mounted Wipes Dispenser

    Mountable Disinfecting Wipes Dispenser Keep your spaces germ-free with our all new Wipes.com durable wall mounted wet wipe dispenser. Showcasing an innovative design and made with the highest-grade plastic available, this state-of-the-art mountable...

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  • Empty Bucket Dispenser - ECO1000 Label

    Empty Bucket Dispenser - ECO1000 Label

    Empty Bucket Dispenser for ECO1000 Wipes To be clear, this is an empty bucket. Wipes are NOT included.This handy EMPTY bucket wipe dispenser is labeled to hold refill rolls (not included) of 1000 count disinfecting wipes from Wipes.com and can...

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