Disinfecting Wipes for Bathrooms is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

Commercial restrooms are convenient for customers, staff members and anyone stepping foot inside your doors. However, not everyone cleans up after themselves. From sink and toilet overflows to individuals forgetting to wash their hands, bathroom surfaces can be full of bacteria. helps you maintain a clean bathroom with our commercial bathroom disinfecting wipes for sale. Our bathroom wipes provide your workers the cleaning solutions they need to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses on bathroom countertops, toilet seats, floors and more.

Restroom Disinfecting Wipes With Proven Results

Our bathroom cleaning wipes are reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The 800-count wipe rolls we sell online have gone through a series of tests to gauge their effectiveness. restroom disinfecting wipes eliminate germs on contact within 30 seconds. Users can review specific "kill claims" within product descriptions to determine best uses for all industries.

You can use our bathroom disinfectant wipes to limit the spread of illnesses such as:

  • COVID-19.
  • Staph.
  • Hepatitis.
  • Herpes.
  • HIV-1.
  • Influenza.

Wipe appliances, handles and other non-porous surfaces to stop the transfer of germs. Allow the cleaning agents to dry completely for the safety of workers and guests.

Where to Use Disinfecting Wipes for Restrooms

Use our 6-inch by 8-inch wipes to clean surfaces where spills and heavy-foot traffic are common. Your workers might use disinfecting solutions for applications like: 

  • Sink faucets: Your customers use bathroom sinks once they leave a stall. Our bathroom disinfecting wipes work on water control handles, drains and hand dryers. Additionally, you can clean up water droplets that fall from the hands after washing.
  • Toilet seats and stalls: disinfecting wipes are useful for cleaning toilet seats, flushing handles, stall locks and toilet paper dispensers. Our wipes are also disposable to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.
  • Bathroom floors: Respond to toilet clogs and overflows in a timely manner. Once you sop up water, our disinfecting wipes take care of the rest. The large fabric sheets are easy to handle. Clean the base of toilets and stall floors with fewer complications.

Keep Our Bathroom Disinfecting Wipes in Portable Dispensers has dispensers and stands for our products. Place your 800-count disinfecting wipe rolls inside portable holders so you can access them at any time. recommends bucket dispensers for janitorial carts. Grab individual wipes from the top of the lid and store supplies for routine cleaning tasks. Our wall-mounted dispensers add a whole new level of convenience for private bathrooms. Give employees and customers disinfecting wipes they can use to sterilize door handles and stalls prior to use.

Purchase Our Disinfecting Wipes for Bathrooms Now

Few cleaning products on the market can compete with solutions in terms of strength and effectiveness. Get our restroom disinfecting wipes in quantities right for your commercial space. A single case comes with four 800-count rolls inside. We offer a 10-case bundle and high-volume pallets with 36 cases to help you plan ahead. Talk to our team for a custom order quote.