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Disinfectant Gym Wipes

When you own a gym or a fitness center, your members have expectations for cleanliness. That's why it is important you have the solutions necessary to stop the spread of bacteria. is your source for disinfectant gym wipes, sanitizing gym wipes and the dispensers you need to keep cleaning products within reach. Help your customers and staff create a safe environment indoors when you order our wipes for mats, equipment and non-porous surfaces. Has Gym Sanitizing Wipes for Your Applications brings you disposable cleaning products that are ideal for a variety of gym applications. We have disinfecting wipes that are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as sanitizing wipes that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Here's a quick look at the differences between disinfecting and sanitizing wipes: 

  • Disinfecting gym wipes: disinfecting wipes have bacteria "kill claims" on their labels and are proven to eliminate COVID-19, staph, E. coli, flu viruses and more in under 30 seconds. Eliminate up to 99.9 percent of bacteria in gyms.
  • Sanitation gym wipes: Sanitation wipes do not have the same "kill claims" as disinfecting wipes, but they can help reduce the number of germs that can cause illness. Use sanitizing for wiping away dirt and other light cleaning tasks.

Where to Use Disinfectant Wipes in Gyms

Our disinfecting wipes have 800 wipes on each roll, and we recommend placing these cleaning solutions in high-traffic areas. Here are some of the locations in your gym where disinfecting wipes might be appropriate:

  • Equipment handles: Place disinfecting wipes close to weight machines, exercise bikes, treadmills and similar equipment. You can use these cleaning solutions on heavy-duty plastics and metals. 
  • Heart rate monitors: Disinfecting wipes are excellent for wiping down sensors on gym equipment. Use our disinfecting gym wipes to prepare grab bars for the next person. Encourage staff and gym-goers to disinfect clip-on devices and other technology as well.
  • Locker rooms: Consider disinfecting gym wipes for bathroom sinks and tile. These products are effective against Athlete's Foot, influenza and similar bacteria and viruses that can be transferred through shower stalls. 

Where to Use Sanitation Wipes in Gyms

Sanitation wipes are comparable to hand wipes seen in grocery stores and retail spaces. You can use sanitizing products without causing irritation to the skin. Gym owners might consider sanitizing wipes for general cleaning tasks like:

  • Sign-in desks: Sanitizing wipes help to keep welcome desks clean. Allow guests to clean their hands upon entering your facility.
  • Drinking stations and vending machines: Position sanitizing wipes close to water fountains and vending machines if you have them. Allow patrons to wipe down any handles and buttons as necessary. 

Get Your Gym Wipes in Bulk Quantities

You know how frequently employees and guests use disposable wipes. For convenience, makes it simple to place bulk orders for disinfectant gym wipes and gym sanitation wipes. The majority of our products have a minimum of a 12-month storage life, which makes it easy to keep cleaning solutions in stock year-round.

One box of disinfecting or sanitizing wipes arrives with four rolls inside. Disinfecting wipes have 800 wipes per roll. Sanitizing wipes are made of a thinner fabric, so they have 1,200 wipes per roll. Determine whether a 10-box order or a 36-box pallet makes sense for your fitness center.

Wipe Dispensers for Fitness Centers caters to your gym or fitness center with options for portable wipe dispensers. Our wipe dispensers fit both 800-count rolls and 1,200-count rolls so that your cleaning solutions are always accessible.

Bucket-style dispensers are ideal if you want your wipes to be portable. Move the buckets exactly where you need them as a friendly reminder for members to disinfect surfaces before moving to the next machine. All bucket dispensers have product labels on the outside, so you can add either disinfecting wipes or sanitizing wipes depending on the label. 

We also have stainless steel floor stand dispensers if you'd like a more permanent solution for dispensing wipes. A waste bin is included at the bottom for discarding used wipes.

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