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Standing Wipe Dispensers is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

  • Bucket Stand

    Bucket Stand

    Bucket Stand with Sign/Trashcan Our newest dispensing option combines the ease of using buckets to dispenser, a sign to remind clients to disinfect, and a trash can!Sometimes simplify is the easiest way....and using a bucket to dispense is just that. No...

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  • Empty Bucket Dispenser - ECO1000 Label

    Empty Bucket Dispenser - ECO1000 Label

    Empty Bucket Dispenser for ECO1000 Wipes is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitals, schools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness...

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Wipes Standing Dispensers offers free-standing wipes dispensers for sale. Because the stand dispensers were originally designed to be used in gyms and fitness centers as a stylish and convenient way to store and dispense wipes from a a roll, these stands are often referred to as "gym stands" or "gym wipe dispensers".  Fitness center clients are typically passionate about working out are also selective about the gyms they use and join as members. Potential gym members want a clean environment, and because you want them to choose your gym, it is important to have disinfecting or sanitizing gym wipes available for them to wipe down the exercise equipment after each use. After you decide which gym wipes; disinfecting, sanitizing or ECO1000, are best for your fitness center, you will need a way to store them and keep them accessible to everyone. At you can choose to buy standing dispensers or wall mounted dispensers, or some of each type.

Gym wipes presented in stands throughout your gym will give your workout space a professional appearance. Once you've selected one or more of our attractive gym stands to place conveniently and stylishly around your workout area, you will find that our EPA-registered disinfectant wipes and FDA-regulated sanitation wipes or ECO1000 wipes are easily loaded into and dispensed one-at-a-time from our attractive standing gym wipe dispensers that suits your gym's layout.

Why Use Gym Wipe Stand Dispensers? gym wipe stands are designed for 800-count disinfecting gym wipes and 1,200-count sanitizing gym wipes or the 1,000 count ECO1000 gym wipes. Some of our stands come with a sign that reminds members to wipe down equipment after completing a workout. Each stand includes a convenient trash can compartment making it easier for your customers to discard used wipes. This keeps your gym clean and looking neat during your busiest hours of the day.

While you can pull disinfecting and sanitizing wipes from their roll out right of the plastic packaging, a dispenser stand from provides an easy to use, professional-looking home for your replacement rolls of wipes. Also, making the gym wipes available from a dispenser stand puts them up to an easy-to-reach level for users.

Types of Wipes Dispensers Supplied by

At, we know that each gym has its own unique look and style. That's why we offer multiple gym wipe stands available for purchase. Whether you're looking for styles that hold bucket dispensers or replacement wipe rolls, we have you covered. Consider the following types of standing wipe dispensers for your facility:

  • Bucket dispensers: Bucket dispensers offer a portable method for storing wipes. Disinfecting and compact sanitizing buckets ship empty, so you can fill these dispensers with the appropriate wipe rolls and move them room to room for classes and group workouts.
  • Bucket stands: bucket stands elevate our bucket dispensers. Designs arrive with a trash can located below the bucket-holding compartment. Choose between disinfecting and sanitation reminder signs.
  • Stainless steel wipe roll stands: Load your choice of wipes inside a cylinder-shaped stand. These dispensers conceal supplies and allow patrons to pull wipes from the top section. Choose from powder coat styles or a true stainless steel finish.
  • Wall mounted dispensers: Easy to hang dispensers made of high-grade plastic, with sturdy hinges and a spring-loaded design give you a way to offer convenient access to your gym wipes without taking up any floor space.

Get Your Gym Wipe Stands With Fast Shipping prioritizes our customers every chance we get. This includes getting your orders to you as quickly as possible. We have distribution centers in Atlanta, Las Vegas and Southfield, so when you place an order for any of our gym wipe stands, we'll fulfill your request from the center closest to you.

Orders reach most of our customers inside the continental U.S. within two business days. All orders placed before 2 p.m. EST will ship out the same day. 

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Gym wipe stands and other dispensers are sold individually. Add multiple stands to your cart to ensure your gym's members can find disinfecting and sanitizing solutions near their favorite machines. Browse our offerings, and place your order with today. If you have questions about our merchandise, submit a contact form, and one of our representatives will get in touch.