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Disinfectant Wipes for Gym Equipment

From workout machines to changing rooms, disinfecting surfaces in your gym is the right way to look after your staff and customers. has the disinfectant wipes you require for gym equipment, bathrooms and other surfaces.

Our wipes are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and when you order from us, you'll have the cleaning solutions you need to exceed the expectations of your employees and everyone who visits your fitness center. 

About Disinfecting Gym Wipes

Our disinfecting wipes are proven to kill 99.9 percent of the harmful bacteria and viruses listed on the label. Use our wipes on non-porous surfaces like plastic equipment handles, metal weights and entry doors to prevent microorganisms from being transferred throughout your environment. 

Disinfectant wipes for gym equipment eliminate most bacteria in 15 seconds. Allow your gym's members to switch between workout stations with fewer worries about contracting an illness.

Where Should I Use Disinfectant Wipes for Gyms? gives you 800 disinfecting wipes on every roll, and we recommend using our products throughout your gym, especially on the surfaces gym members and staff use the most. Consider our bulk disinfecting wipes for surfaces and equipment such as:

  • Sports equipment: Use our disinfecting wipes for sports balls, storage carts and flooring. Whether you have basketball courts in your gym or you host volleyball tournaments, our wipes allow you to disinfect accessories and surfaces between games.
  • Weight machines: Disinfect seats, handles and weight pins with the help of Our disinfecting wipes for equipment make it possible to control the spread of COVID-19, Influenza and similar illnesses. The wipes will also not cause surface rust.
  • Changing rooms: disinfecting solutions work for locker rooms, showers and stalls. Clean up water spills in seconds using our 6-inch by 8-inch wipes. Our bulk wipes also help eliminate viruses and bacteria that can cause HIV-1 and Athlete's Foot.  

We Also Sell Sanitizing Wipes for Equipment

Looking to get the most wipes for your money? has 1,200-count rolls of sanitizing wipes for general cleaning jobs. The main difference between disinfecting wipes and sanitizing wipes is that sanitizing wipes for gyms don't have "kill claims" like disinfecting wipes do. However, you can still use sanitizing wipes on your hands and surfaces to reduce germs that can result in illness.

Equipment sanitizing wipes are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Use them to clean check-in counters and touchscreens to protect users from germs.

Purchase Disinfectant Wipes for Your Gym Equipment Online gives you more disinfecting wipes per roll than the competition. Our solutions are tough — the wipes are durable enough to handle your cleaning tasks. Once you're done with them, you can just throw them away. Disinfecting wipes and sanitizing wipes also work with all of our dispensers for added convenience.

Place your order with today. Explore our selection that includes multiple cases of wipes for remarkable savings. If you have questions about custom orders, contact us for a quote.