Alcohol-Free Wipes

Alcohol-Free Wipes is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

Business owners are always on the lookout for affordable supplies to keep offices, sales floors and surfaces clean. If your commercial space sees heavy foot traffic, having a supply of alcohol-free wipes is convenient for customers and employees. Alcohol-free wipes from can be used anywhere without water or liquid detergents. Open the packaging and use wipes to control the spread of germs.

Our alcohol-free wipes for sale are available in bulk quantities so you never run low on supplies. Keep these portable solutions within reach during cold and flu season to wipe your hands before eating or switching tasks.

Why Buy Alcohol-Free Wipes?

Alcohol-free wipes are appropriate for sensitive skin and surfaces unfit for alcohol-based solutions. Some people choose alcohol-free wipes to clean their hands if they are cracking or dry. Alcohol-free wipes help reduce feelings of skin irritation during colder months of the year. introduces you to alcohol-free solutions to freshen the skin and high-contact surfaces in the workplace. Keep your environment clear of viruses and bacteria without having to scrub with harsh cleaning chemicals. Our bulk alcohol-free wipes are safe for children and adults, which makes our offerings excellent for quick cleanups, spills and more.

Applications of Alcohol-Free Wipes alcohol-free wipes are versatile for personal care, desktop surfaces, electronics and equipment. Decision-makers place orders with us, as we provide durable products at exceptional prices. Rather than purchasing alcohol-free wipes in small canisters, makes it simple to order cleaning supplies in the quantities you require for year-round safety. Popular uses of alcohol-free wipes include:

  • Hands and skin: Customers choose our alcohol-free wipes to clean their hands without a washroom. Use a single wipe to eliminate germs that could cause you to get sick. alcohol-free wipes leave the hands feeling soft after each use.
  • Keyboards: Your employees use computers more than 40 hours per week. Purchase alcohol-free wipes to clean desk stations accordingly. From mousepads and keyboards to monitors and pens, products are perfect for your company's assets.
  • Tablets and phones: Alcohol-free wipes help you to remove oils from the skin and fingerprints. Clean company electronics without having to worry about streaks. customers use alcohol-free wipes to lift stubborn dirt and dust in the office.
  • Gym accessories: Public gyms are home to weights, machines, mats and other items that multiple people use. Trust alcohol-free wipes to freshen stations between users. Leave alcohol-free wipes out on the floor so that members can easily clean grab bars and adjusters. Offers High-Volume Discounts on Alcohol-Free Wipes

The professionals at want you to have enough cleaning supplies for months at a time. This is why we give you the option to buy alcohol-free wipes in wholesale bundles for convenience. Ensure your workers and customers have access to our cleaning solutions at all times by keeping supplies in stock and ready for use. Most of our products have a 12-month storage life for flexibility. recommends storing alcohol-free wipes in a temperature-controlled room before use. Our customers should leave products out of direct sunlight so that alcohol-free wipes hold their moisture inside the packaging.

Fast Order Lead Times Through

Need your alcohol-free wipes quickly? takes pride in our fast lead times for customers inside the continental United States. Our distribution centers reach about 90% of U.S. customers in two business days, which separates us from the competition.

Additionally, we ship bulk alcohol-free wipes from one of our two distribution centers. Your orders will come from our Las Vegas, NV, or Atlanta, GA, center depending on which one is closest to your location. Our customer representatives can also give you the latest details about your shipments if you call us during our normal business hours. Is Your Trusted Source for Alcohol-Free Wipes supplies you with cleaning solutions that are EPA-registered and FDA-approved. We go above and beyond big-box retailers by allowing you to save money through high-volume orders. If you know you'll use alcohol-free wipes daily, we save you the frustration of having to replenish supplies constantly. Give your customers and employees alcohol-free wipes that are stronger than competing brands.

All of our wipes are designed for single use. Wipe down your hands or working surfaces and dispose of wipes in the trash to reduce bacteria in seconds. No matter what you use them for, products are centered around convenience and safety for your peace of mind. Place your order for alcohol-free wipes online today. If you would like a bulk order quote, fill out a contact form or call us at 877-348-9473.