Disposable Wipes

Disposable Wipes

Wipes.com is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

Disposable wipes allow you to keep your gym clean and free of bacteria. Finding the right EPA-registered or FDA-approved wipes for your applications is simple with Wipes.com. You can order the bulk disposable wipes you need at a price that can help you stay on budget.

Clean up after each fitness equipment use with our affordable solutions. Wipes.com is your source for the disinfecting and sanitizing wipes you require year-round. Place the wipes within appropriate dispensers so members can prepare equipment for the next user.

About Our Disposable Gym Wipes

Customers have more than one option for disposable gym wipes on Wipes.com. Our disinfecting wipes undergo testing by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and display bacteria kill claims. Sanitizing wipes are more appropriate for the skin and are FDA-approved for use on delicate surfaces. Both types of wipes work to keep your visitors and staff safe from bacteria.

Review the information below to determine which of our bulk disposable wipes are best for you.

Bulk Disinfecting Gym Wipes

Eliminate as much as 99 percent of bacteria on machines and equipment with Wipes.com disinfecting wipes. These bulk disposable wipes are proven effective against cold and flu viruses, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and other threats that enter your gym. Wipes.com supplies disinfecting gym wipes in 800-sheet rolls for non-porous surfaces.

Most disinfecting wipes available through Wipes.com eliminate bacteria in 30 seconds or less. Use our solutions for metal surfaces and heavy-duty plastics throughout your fitness center.

Bulk Sanitizing Gym Wipes

Sanitizing gym wipes are ideal for cleaning the skin and other surfaces. While these wipes are not registered with the EPA, they are FDA approved, which makes them suitable for a variety of gym applications. Leave disposable sanitation wipes out for gym members to wipe down drink stations, lunch tables, locker room surfaces and mobile devices.

Wipes.com includes more sanitizing gym wipes per order compared to disinfecting gym wipes. Receive 1,200 sanitation wipes per roll, so you always have supplies in stock.

Uses for Disposable Gym Wipes

Disposable wipes are compatible with our wipe stands and portable bucket dispensers for convenience. Position wipes in high-traffic locations so gym-goers and staff members can easily clean surfaces before leaving the area. Wipes.com disposable gym wipes are excellent for the following applications:

  • Handles and weights: Fitness centers are home to cardio bikes, treadmills, free weights and other equipment with handles. Use disposable gym wipes to reduce the spread of bacteria during busy hours.
  • Exercise mats: Most gyms have surface mats and exercise balls for visitors to use as they see fit. Place disposable sanitation wipes nearby to keep gym accessories clean and fresh for the next person.
  • Gym furniture: Workout machines feature seats often made with vinyl materials. Disposable wipes from Wipes.com are safe for these surfaces. Gym owners can also sanitize lobby furniture.
  • Bathroom sinks: Disposable gym wipes help cleaning crews disinfect faucets, paper towel dispensers and bathroom door handles.

How Long Do Disposable Gym Wipes Last?

Most Wipes.com disposable gym wipes have a 12-month shelf life. If you welcome hundreds of members to your fitness center each week, buying disposable wipes by the pallet ensures you can match demand. Keep the wipes indoors and out of extreme temperatures so that they'll stay wet inside the packaging. With the proper storage, disinfecting wipes will be ready when you need to bring them out to the floor.

Get High-Volume Discounts on Disposable Gym Wipes

Wipes.com disinfectant and sanitation gym wipes are available in wholesale order sizes. We make it easy to get the disposable wipes you require in increments much higher than traditional retailers. Whereas you might find a container with 75 wipes at a regular store, our rolls arrive with 800 disinfecting wipes or 1,200 sanitizing wipes.

Pallet orders ship with 36 boxes (144 rolls) of disposable gym wipes each. Sanitation varieties are thinner than disinfecting wipes, which allows us to fit more into each package.

Get Your Orders Quickly With Wipes.com

Order disposable wipes in bulk, and Wipes.com will fulfill your order from one of two distribution centers. We have convenient locations in Las Vegas and Atlanta, which means we can reach about 90 percent of the continental U.S. in two business days. 

Buy Disposable Wipes From Wipes.com Now

The professionals at Wipes.com want to help you order disinfecting and sanitizing solutions. You can place an order for our disposable wipes online. For a bulk order quote, complete a contact form or dial 877-348-9473 to speak to a representative.