Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes

Wipes.com is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

Wet wipes are useful for a wide range of cleaning tasks. From the skin to working surfaces, the right type of wet wipe can help you protect others from viruses and bacteria. If you're in the market for bulk wet wipes, Wipes.com is your source for the solutions you require to keep employees and customers safe from illness. Use our products indoors to ensure your workplace is hygienic all year.

Wipes.com wet wipes help reduce the germs that cause illness for results you can trust. Order rolls in the quantities you desire to prepare for high-traffic days in the gym, office, classroom or healthcare facility.

Types of Wet Wipes We Have for Sale

There are different types of wet wipes available on the market. Wipes.com saves you time by supplying EPA-registered and FDA-approved products for all industries. If you are unsure which of our offerings are right for your applications, the details below describe some of our best-selling solutions for businesses:

Disinfecting Wet Wipes

All disinfecting wet wipes from Wipes.com provide you with a "kill claim" for bacteria. These wet wipe solutions have gone through numerous tests by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Wipes.com disinfecting wet wipes are proven to eliminate specific viruses, germs and microbes on surfaces.

Wipes.com sells disinfectant wipes with 800 sheets per roll. Use these wipes to kill harmful bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds or less. We recommend disinfecting wet wipes for protection against COVID-19, influenza, E. coli and other illnesses.

Sanitizing Wet Wipes

Sanitizing wet wipes are not inspected by the EPA. These solutions carry an FDA approval for safe use on the hands and skin, and they can also be used for kitchen appliances, screens, tables and non-porous surfaces. Wipes.com sanitizing wet wipes reduce the spread of germs but have different cleansing agents than disinfecting wipes.

The Wipes.com online store has sanitizing wipes in 1,200-count rolls. Thinner wipe materials make it possible to fit more sheets per roll than our disinfecting wipes. 

Alcohol Wet Wipes

Our alcohol wet wipes contain 75 percent alcohol for cleaning applications. Buy FDA-approved alcohol wet wipes from Wipes.com equipped with resealable packaging. Our alcohol wipes come with 60 wipes in each pack, and individual packaging helps wipes stay wet until you're ready to use them. Healthcare centers, schools and gyms benefit from having alcohol wet wipes in bulk.

Common Uses for Wet Wipes

Wet wipes add a level of convenience for employees as well as customers. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Gym equipment: Disinfectant wet wipes are versatile for gym workout mats, machine handlebars, locker room surfaces and more. Stop the spread of viruses and bacteria by providing members with wipes that can be used on metals and plastics.
  • School computer labs: Wipes.com sanitizing wet wipes are useful in situations where students and faculty have shared workspaces. Use our solutions to wipe down keyboards, desks and computer mouses to reduce bacteria that may result in illness.
  • Monitors and screens: Place an order for alcohol wet wipes to help clean smudges and fingerprints on glass. Whether you sell electronics or manage a call center, Wipes.com offers affordable wet wipes in bulk for daily maintenance tasks.

Buy Wet Wipes in Wholesale Quantities

Having a supply of wet wipes helps you to keep your company's assets clean. If you have large groups of customers or employees in your commercial space at once, Wipes.com recommends buying wet wipes in wholesale quantities. Stay prepared for your busiest days on the job with the option to place wet wipe orders by the pallet.

Wipes.com disinfecting and sanitizing wipes are available with 36 boxes on each pallet. Each box comes with four wet wipe rolls inside. If you prefer a smaller order, Wipes.com also sells these wipes in ten-box configurations. Our alcohol wet wipes ship with 65 boxes per pallet — there are 24 packs per box and 93,600 wipes total.

Wipes.com Ships Wet Wipes Fast

Wipes.com strives to get orders within the continental U.S. to their destination in two business days. We operate out of two fulfillment centers for efficiency. Place your order with us, and we'll ship from our Las Vegas or Atlanta distribution center for quick delivery. Wipes.com gets you the cleaning solutions you need when you need them.

Buy Our Bulk Wet Wipes Online Today

Wipes.com customer representatives are available during normal business hours to take your call. If you have questions about bulk ordering or want to get a quote, call us at 877-348-9473. You can also submit a contact form with further inquiries.

Browse our wet wipe products online, and make a purchase today.