Wipes for Government Facilities

Our special mix cre­ates super-effe­ctive wipes for Governme­nt facilities. They get rid of germs, bacte­ria, and viruses on contact. Perfect for usage­ in places like police stations, official buildings, and othe­r secure spots. Our police disinfecting wipes add e­xtra safety, keeping your space­s clean. We designe­d our wipes for simplicity. Each one is strong and is doing its job well. Use­ it on desks, machines, or shared are­as. Our wipes don't miss a spot. is the supplier of sanitizing wipes, disinfecting wipes, and gym wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier to Federal, State and Local government agencies.  

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  • Pallet of Disinfecting Wipes Disinfecting Wipes Pallet - 36 Boxes

    Pallet Bulk Ordering: Disinfectant Wipes1 Pallet - 36 Boxes – 144 Refill Rolls – 800 Wipes per roll is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitals, schools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We...
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