Disinfectant Wipes for Home Cleaning is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

From kitchens and dining rooms to living rooms and bathrooms, bacteria can build up across the areas homeowners use the most. When you're a professional cleaner, though, limiting the spread of germs in your clients' homes is simple when you turn to for home cleaning disinfecting wipes. 

Our solutions work for cleaning crews that visit multiple locations within the same business day. The disinfecting wipes we offer are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and can kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria that cause illnesses such as: 

  • COVID-19.
  • Staph.
  • MRSA.
  • Cold and flu.

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