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Hand Sanitizer Wipes: Keeps You Clean and Protected
1 Box – 4 Rolls – 1200 Wipes per roll - 4800 wipes per box @ 2 cents a wipe

Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Looking for more wipes per roll? Our sanitizing wipes offer 50% more wipes than our Disinfecting Wipes and are a great option if you are looking to save on costs. These wipes are made with a fast-acting, non-toxic, multi-purpose formula that doesn’t corrode vinyl, plastic, metal or rubber surfaces. Use them anywhere where the occurrence of germs is commonplace, phones, equipment, offices, clinics, schools, even your hands! These wipes measure 6” x 8” and are safe on any surface! Compare these to Purell® hand wipes.

This package has 1 hand sanitizing wipes box, and one box comes with 4 wipes rolls. These rolls will fit in any of our dispensers or competitor's large roll dispensers.  If you would like to set up recurring shipments, please call or email sales@wipes.com

The Power of Commercial Sanitizing Wipes

Upgrade your cleaning practices to ensure that your business is fulfilling its duty of protecting employees and contractors from bacteria and illness. Approximately 66% of employees believe their employers should invest in improving their cleaning practices. With Wipes.com, you can make that worthwhile investment. 

Sanitizing wipes offer an easy way of promoting better hygiene in the workplace. So, why should commercial hand sanitizer wipes become an office staple? 

  • Peace of Mind – Including disinfecting hand wipes free at the point of use demonstrates to your staff and customers that you are committed to a cleaner, healthier workplace.
  • Retain Your Staff – Improve staff retention by boosting your cleanliness. According to one study,94% of manufacturing workers linked a clean workspace with high morale.
  • Lower Sick Days – U.S. employers lose1.5 billion days of productivity annually to illness. Stop the spread of germs when you order disinfectant hand wipes for your office, workspace, or retail outlet.
  • Stop the Spread – Mitigate the transmission of common bacteria in the workplace with sanitizer wipes. Incorporating a new hygiene product into your cleaning routine can eliminate sources of illness within commercial environments.
  • Improve Your Company’s Image – Show your commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, and reap the rewards! From improved corporate image among staff and customers to increased workplace satisfaction — investing in good sanitation practices for your company could be one of the best decisions you make.  

Commercial environments are a hotbed for bacteria and illness. Don't let cold and flu season slow down your business! Equip yourself with the right tools to stay healthy by stocking up on hand sanitizer wipes from Wipes.com. Buying hand sanitizer wipes in bulk can help you take control of employee morale while boosting productivity at the same time.

Sanitizing Wipes for All Your Business Needs

Wipes.com antibacterial hand wipes are designed for a range of surfaces and environments. Each wipe contains no phenol, bleach, or alcohol, enabling them to be used for desks, chairs, and even electronic devices.

These safe hand sanitizing wipes make removing bacteria from your workplace and protecting the customer and your workers easy. 

Order sanitizing wipes and use them in the following ways: 

  • Office Spaces: Ensure staff in close proximity are not being infected. Improve safety by wiping down your most used items in the workplace.
  • Break Rooms: Keep your break rooms clean by using wipes for kettles, refrigerator handles, and microwave doors.
  • Cafeterias: Achieve the highest standards of hygiene in the cafeteria by keeping tables and commonly used appliances free of germs.
  • Furniture: Sanitizer and disinfectant wipes allow you to prep meeting rooms, conference areas, and reception areas in seconds.
  • Bathrooms: Maintain the highest level of cleanliness in the bathroom with hand sanitizer wipes for stalls, door handles, and paper towel dispensers.
  • Gym Equipment: Keep your customers’ workouts safe and bacteria-free by protecting them from harmful organisms. Make sure to reduce the presence of germs in both gym equipment and changing rooms so visitors can focus on their fitness goals without any worries.  


What chemicals are in your sanitizing wipes?

Wipes.com supplies products consisting of chemicals designed to disrupt and eliminate common bacteria. The active ingredient within a pack of Wipes.com sanitizing and disinfecting wipes are Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACS). This active ingredient is approved to eliminate common bacteria. 

QACs are safe to use on common office surfaces and have been proven to destroy the COVID-19 virus. 

Are commercial hand sanitizer wipes safe to use on food surfaces?

Not all hand sanitizer compounds are safe for food surfaces. You must ensure that the wipes you use are 100% safe for food preparation and dining areas. Some commercial solutions contain harsh chemicals that can contaminate food and cause serious illness. 

QACs in many sanitizing products have been shown to provide a protective barrier for food surfaces. The residues are known to remain effective on these surfaces for extended periods without presenting a threat to humans. 

How should I make sanitizing wipes available in my space?

Reinforce the message that cleanliness is a priority in all work areas. Wipes.com offers convenient dispensing and storage options for all products. 

Empty bucket dispensers for storage, wall-mounted dispensers, and floor stand wipes dispensers are all available to suit the needs of every environment. 

Wipes.com dispensers are built to the highest standards to ensure durability and easy refills. Note that all wipes are sold separately. 

Are hand wipes safe to use on the skin?

Ordinary disinfectant wiping products are not safe for use on the skin because they contain harsh ingredients designed to remove up to 99% of bacteria. When used on the skin, these wipes can cause irritation and blisters, which is why many commercial cleaning products are only designed for professionally trained cleaners. 

Sanitizing products reduces the number of bacteria in the area. They use less potent ingredients to enable contact with the skin. While less effective on surfaces than disinfectants, these multi-purpose products are versatile and allow your staff to maintain high standards of personal hygiene in all workplace settings.  

Will expired wipes continue to eliminate bacteria?

Wipes expire one to two years after they are manufactured and sealed. Assuming your wipes remain in their sealed packaging, you can expect them to continue to perform for one to two years after the date printed on them. 

Using expired wipes is not hazardous to your health, but after the chemicals in them have degraded, they lose much of their efficacy against common bacteria. While it may be tempting to use expired wipes in storage, your staff and customers will not benefit from them. 

Ensure your hygiene standards remain high at work by disposing of any expired wipes and purchasing new ones from Wipes.com

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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13%

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