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Disinfectant Wipes for Contact Centers is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

Contact centers and Call centers are full of desks, keyboards, computers and, of course, phones. Depending on your industry, it's possible for employees to share the same workstations throughout the 40-hour week. In these situations, disinfecting wipes for company-owned technology is essential for protecting your employees and reducing the spread of bacteria. is home to disinfecting wipes and cleaning solutions that are perfect for the surfaces your workers use most. Order from us in bulk quantities to make sure you have specialty wipes available when you need them to help reduce the spread of germs.

About Call Center Disinfecting Wipes disinfecting wipes for call centers are proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and other viruses on hard surfaces. Eliminate 99.9 percent of listed bacteria when you use our disinfecting wipes on plastics, laminates, metals and other surfaces in your commercial setting. These wipes are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and significantly reduce germs and bacteria linked to MRSA, E. coli, staph and other illnesses after just 30 seconds for viruses and 15 seconds for bacteria.

Only lets you order disinfecting wipes for headsets and other call center equipment in rolls containing 800 wipes each. Our wipes are 6-inch by 8-inch pieces of durable material. Place an order for one box of call center disinfecting wipes, and you'll receive four rolls inside. disinfecting wipes last for 12 months, so you can keep them on hand and know that they'll be ready when you need them. 

How Can I Use Call Center Disinfecting Wipes?

Our disinfecting products are useful for a variety of industries. Review the examples below to see how your staff can use disinfecting wipes for your call center:

  • Cleaning headsets: Have employees wipe down work headsets after their shifts. Our wipes are effective against influenza A virus, Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep), SARS-CoV-2 and other common illnesses that travel from person to person.
  • Disinfecting equipment: disinfecting wipes can be used on laptops, mousepads, screens and other items that workers frequently use to do their jobs.
  • Office maintenance: Use disinfecting wipes for cleaning door handles, shared sinks, tabletops and more.

Disinfecting Wipes in Quantities Right for Your Applications

Call centers should have disinfecting wipes in stock at all times. helps professionals get the disinfecting solutions necessary for a safer workplace by allowing you to order in bulk. We are your source for disinfectant wipes in 10-case quantities or larger 36-box pallets to help you plan ahead. Save on the cleaning solutions you require for success.

Call Center Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol wipes enable you to clean glass and plastics without leaving streaks. If your call center uses smartphones and kitchen appliances, our 60-count alcohol wipe packs feature two ingredients for quick cleaning results. alcohol wipes are also proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 (cause of COVID-19) since they contain more than 70% alcohol.

Order Bulk Disinfectant Wipes for Call Centers Now is where you can find the EPA-registered and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved cleaning products you need. Most orders placed within the continental U.S. will arrive in two business days, so contact us to get your bulk order quote as soon as possible.