Guide to Shopping for Disinfecting Wipes

Guide To Shopping For Disinfecting Wipes

Guide to Shopping for Disinfecting Wipes for Your Facility

Disinfecting wipes are an excellent option for protecting your facility and those who use your facility from bacteria and viruses. Especially in today's age, it's more important than ever to defend against viruses. Disinfectant wipes are convenient and effective, and they're a top choice for industries everywhere.

Sometimes it can be challenging navigating the various types of wipes and judging their effectiveness. But with the correct information, you can be confident in choosing the proper disinfectant wipes for your facility. 

where can you use disinfectant wipes

Where Can You Use Disinfectant Wipes?

Many industries have started using bulk disinfectant wipes. You can use them on desks, doorknobs, gym equipment, cell phones and any hard surface that may contain bacteria and viruses. Here are some facilities that benefit from disinfectant wipes:

  • Fitness and wellness: Gyms often utilize the effectiveness of disinfectant wipes. With the number of machines, daily traffic and warm temperatures, gyms and wellness centers can often become breeding grounds for disease. Disinfectant wipes can alleviate these dangers and kill bacteria.
  • Government: Federal, state and local governments often have a lot of people exchanging handshakes or talking over initiatives in compact spaces. Military and fire departments are busy and productive places, and therefore a quick, potent solution is needed.
  • Agriculture: Various subcategories of agriculture production such as dairy farms, poultry processing and hatcheries carry disease, and workers often deal with raw foods. Wipes offer a convenient solution to the need to wash materials after every instance of food handling.
  • Healthcare: Disinfectant wipes offer a bacteria-fighting defense for hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, urgent care clinics and more.
  • Hospitality: Cleanliness is a top priority for event centers, restaurants and hotels. It's essential to find a tool that eliminates disease and bacteria to make your building a safe, clean atmosphere.
  • Industrial: Distribution centers and manufacturing plants need to be kept safe from diseases at all times. Easily wipe down all of your facility surfaces with disinfectant wipes.

Disinfectant wipes are versatile — you can use them in all the environments above and countless more. But what makes them so popular?

Benefits of Disinfecting Wipes

Buying disinfectant wipes offers many benefits, as it's the ideal way to fight diseases and bacteria in your facility.

Convenience and Easy Usage

Disinfectant wipes can be placed all around your facility — in buckets, in dispensers or wherever you feel people can best access them. They're small and can be disposed of directly after use, eliminating the need for extra cleaning or the hassle of prolonged disposal.

Disinfectant wipes are also simple to use — think about the counterpoint of the spray bottle, which demands two hands and an entire process for disinfection. The wipe is already made ready to battle bacteria upon contact, saving you vital time and freeing you to do more important activities. People will feel more inclined to use something that is easy to employ, and this access will fight the spread of disease.

Effectiveness and Dedication to Cleanliness

Disinfecting wipes kill 99.999% of germs on hard surfaces. Their convenience and easy usability make them an excellent weapon for battling viruses in your facility. Disinfectant wipes can eliminate bacteria and many different viruses, including COVID-19.

Providing disinfectant wipes in your facility is more than just a safeguard against disease — it's a statement to the people who enter, letting them know that this is a place dedicated to cleanliness. Your facility will be safer and more protected, and people will view your building the same way with an effective tool at their disposal.

Types of Disinfecting Wipes

A disinfectant wipe may seem like a simple material, but different kinds of wipes often get interchanged with one another. It's essential to know the differences because the wrong type can harm your machines or not effectively kill the bacteria you want them to. 

Hand Wiping Graphic

Disinfecting vs. Sanitizing Wipes

One of the biggest misconceptions in this industry is the confusion around disinfecting and sanitizing wipes. They're often interchanged for the same product, but they offer significant differences and should be used for different goals.

Disinfection involves the actual killing and elimination of bacteria and viruses, whereas sanitation merely lowers the number of germs without really removing them completely. So, if you're looking to truly get rid of viruses and disease-causing bacteria, you will probably want to invest in disinfectant wipes. It's best to use sanitizing wipes for areas you're simply looking to clean dirt off for appearance's sake rather than for removing bacteria.

Sanitizing wipes aren't meant to kill viruses, whereas disinfectant wipes have that power. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets a higher standard for disinfectant wipes as well.

Disinfecting wipes can kill viruses because they contain more potent chemicals, whereas sanitization wipes are weaker. Decreased potency does come with an added benefit for sanitization wipes, however, as people can use them on their hands without fear of irritation.

Bleach vs. Non-Beach

Disinfectant wipes are highly effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses. This effectiveness also means they include chemicals that can be potentially harmful to your facility and the people who use these wipes. But not all disinfectant wipes contain the same harmful ingredients, and you can find products with safe chemicals that get the job done without harming any of your workers or your facility.

Bleach is sometimes included in the chemical mixture of disinfectant wipes. Though it's effective, bleach can be very harmful. People with asthma could suffer severe reactions to bleach, and it can also irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It can also react easily with other chemicals to create even more damage.

For those reasons, try to find non-bleach disinfectant wipes. These wipes will be just as effective and won't carry the same dangers as a bleach option would.

Alcohol vs. Non-Alcohol

Alcohol is another commonly used disinfectant. Isopropanol is the active ingredient that is effective in killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses. However, extensive use of alcohol as a disinfectant can start to break down materials in your facility. It could cause certain plastics to harden and crack, requiring you to find replacement parts or leaving you liable for putting someone in danger. Because of its destructive nature, you should avoid alcohol while shopping for disinfectant wipes.

Navigating how to buy  bulk disinfectant wipes can be made a little easier by knowing these basic differences and applying them to your shopping strategy. 

What To Look For When Buying Disinfecting Wipes Infographic

What to Look for When Buying Disinfecting Wipes

Once you start looking at the details of disinfectant wipes, you may not know what to choose between all the types, chemicals and different uses. Finding the best disinfectant wipes for your facility can call for thorough research. It's good to keep a few key points in mind while shopping to guide you through the process.

Contact Time

Contact time, or "dwell time," refers to the duration needed for your disinfectant wipe to kill bacteria on a surface. Suppose your wipe has a contact time of 15 seconds. In that case, that means after you wipe down a surface, it takes roughly fifteen seconds for the chemicals to do their job and eliminate any bacteria and viruses in the area. The higher the contact time, the less effective your wipe will probably be since the wetness from the wipe will likely evaporate quickly without killing off the bacteria.

The ideal contact time for you will depend on your facility and the amount of traffic your equipment gets. For a gym, you may look for a lower contact time since people will be using machines every few minutes. For surfaces that don't get as much use and sit for long periods without being touched, you could settle for a longer dwell time.


As mentioned earlier, you should avoid disinfectants that include bleach, alcohol and other harmful chemicals. These could harm your equipment and the people who use it. Find non-bleach and non-alcohol substitutes and read the description to see if the wipes can be used on certain surfaces. For example, if you're looking to use them on gym equipment, make sure you read the label or description to see if they pair well with those materials.


Though safety should be high on your list, you should also ensure you're getting the proper effectiveness from your disinfectant wipes.

Factor the contact time into the overall effectiveness of a wipe. Along with contact time, the product provided will also usually list several viruses and bacteria the wipe can defend against, also known as "kill claims." If you're looking to counter a specific virus, this list can help you determine your purchase.


You can often find bulk disinfectant wipes for sale at affordable prices. Examine your facility and estimate how many you'll think you need, then seek an appropriate purchase. Wipes can come in various distributions, including buckets, rolls and cases, so you should consider how you'd like to access them as well. For gyms and wellness centers, you may want cases for easy access with a dispenser, whereas a bucket may be your best option in a different environment.


Be sure to find a trusted and respected service that will give you exactly what they advertise. Look for online reviews or testimonials and be wary of products that don't contain in-depth descriptions and detailed explanations of what the product does. Since disinfectant wipes often have powerful chemical agents capable of causing harm, it's even more important to be wary of who you're buying from and pick a trusted provider.

What Kind of Disinfecting Wipes Should My Facility Use?

There are various questions you should ask yourself before purchasing disinfecting wipes. You may know that you need them, but you could be unsure about the amount, type or efficiency you need to help your facility instead of hinder it. Think about these questions during your research process.

What's Your Goal?

Before you even start looking for the right disinfectant wipes, you should determine what your objective is. Consider several aspects that mainly point to your cleanliness goals. Do you want something that will keep your facility clean from germs? Maybe sanitation wipes would be best. Or do you want a tool to really wipe out all the bacteria and viruses? Then disinfecting wipes will be what you're looking for.

After that, you can look at characteristics like contact time and effectiveness to tailor down your search to your specific facility.

What Kind of Facility Do You Have?

The type of facility you have will significantly impact the aspects you'll look for in a disinfectant wipe. For gyms, restaurants and other buildings with equipment that gets used daily and within minutes, you'll want to find a contact time that reflects that frequency. But if you are buying disinfectant wipes for a government facility that has only a few people working at one time, you can rest assured that a higher contact time won't be too detrimental to your building's cleanliness.

Different viruses spread in different environments, so you should cater the disinfectant to the viruses in your facility. Hotels can carry a very different host of viruses than dairy farms, so use the knowledge of your industry to your advantage and match that with the correct disinfectant wipes.

What Will Be Most Effective for You?

By considering your central goal and the type of facility you manage, you can make a decision about the right hygiene solution based on direct knowledge and efficiency. The last aspect to consider is how you will distribute your disinfectant wipes in your facility, whether through a dispenser, a bucket or rolls. Map out your space and predict where you will station your wipes for you and others to use them. Determining distribution will help you make a final decision you can be confident in.

Now that you've determined how and why you should purchase this disinfecting solution, you'll need to know where to buy disinfectant wipes.

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Get Disinfectant Wipes for Sale From Today

With all this knowledge, the only step left to take is figuring out where to buy bulk disinfectant wipes. offers you the bulk disinfectant wipes you're looking for at a great price. With numerous choices including refill rolls, cases and buckets, can provide a specific fit for your facility and help you meet the cleaning and safety standards that match your goals.

Our wipes kill viruses within a minute and are bleach- and alcohol-free, making them safe to use in your facility without fear of equipment damage or harm to other people. Our disinfectant wipes defend against many diseases, including:

  • Human coronavirus
  • Hepatitis C virus
  • Hepatitis B virus
  • HIV-1
  • Influenza (H2-N2)
  • Herpes Simplex Virus 1
  • Herpes Simplex Virus 2
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Salmonella enterica

Our wipes go through various inspections and tests and are EPA-certified to help you battle viruses in your facility. Our bulk wipes have a shelf life of 12 months and come in 75-100 wipers per canister or 800-count rolls. Whatever safety goals you're looking to meet, can offer an excellent, effective selection at a reasonable cost. Contact us today! 

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