Large Rolls of Wipes vs Canisters

Can 8 cents ruin your budget?

Budgets!  Aren't they great!  Controlling costs is one of those necessary tasks when it comes up operating both large and small businesses.  We started with the idea of bulk wipes to control costs for us busy business owners.

Since 2009, we have specialized in large roll wipes (both disinfecting and sanitizing).  One of our single large rolls of disinfectant wipes has 800 wipes, about 2.5 centers per wipe. 

Browsing the web today (hope that term doesn't age me!) I had an ad pop up for a single canister of wipes priced at $6.  


Let's break that down into cost per wipe -  $6/75=.08 !  8 Cents PER WIPE!

8 Cents.  Wait a minute.....hold on.......That's more than 3X the cost of our wipes.


At that rate, it would cost our typical customer an additional $8000 a year just for disinfecting wipes in canister form.

So can 8 cents break the bank......

surprisingly yes!

Let help you save money starting TODAY!  We offer buckets of wipesboxes of wipesbulk wipes, and even pallets of wipes.

keeping a clean facility will have implications for your business

3rd Nov 2022 B.R

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