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Disinfectant Wipes for Salons and Spas is the supplier of sanitizing and disinfecting wipes for hospitalsschools, community centers and other facilities worldwide. We are also a leading supplier of gym wipes for fitness facilities across the nation.

When you own a salon or spa, you need cleaning supplies on hand to keep your location clean for your clients. At, we have disinfectant wipes for salons and spas to help you keep up with your packed schedule.

Wipe down waiting areas, sign-in desks and other non-porous surfaces your customers make contact with. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests our disinfecting wipes to ensure they are 99.9 percent effective against listed viruses and bacteria.

User-Friendly Spa and Salon Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes from use cleaning agents that kill illness-causing germs in as little as 15-30 seconds. They can be handled with or without gloves for use directly on laminates, plastics and any non-porous surface.

Salon and spa owners count on disinfecting wipes since our products ship with 800 wipes on each roll. You get the supplies you require to control the spread of illnesses like COVID-19, influenza, staph and salmonella. Keep your salon or spa ready for high-traffic days using our disposable salon disinfecting wipes for diverse applications.

Spa and Salon Disinfecting Wipe Applications disinfecting wipes for spas and salons are appropriate for a wide range of uses. The cleaning agents we use for disinfecting wipes are free of bleach and alcohol, and they are ideal for applications such as:

  • Hair rinsing stations: Use salon disinfecting wipes to eliminate grime left from shampoos and conditioners. Our wipes are also effective for killing bacteria that builds up in damp settings like sinks and restrooms.
  • Footbaths: carries spa disinfecting wipes for foot massage surfaces and pedicure equipment. The disinfecting wipes we sell online help to keep stations fresh between appointments. Our wipes leave zero odors behind.

Other Types of Wipes Available for Spas and Salons

You can also find sanitizing wipes for sale on These solutions are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and they are for more general cleaning tasks. You can use sanitizing wipes on the hands and skin as well as on non-porous surfaces. Learn more about our products below to decide which types of wipes are best for your spa or salon:

  • Sanitizing wipes for salons and spas: Our standard sanitizing wipes come with 1,200 sheets per roll and use a multi-purpose cleaning formula that's safe for rubber, vinyl, plastic and metal. Clean your hands, check-in counters and equipment in seconds.
  • Alcohol wipes for salons and spas: Alcohol wipes ship with 60 wipes in each pack. Our wipes contain 75 percent alcohol and are useful for cleaning mirrors and sticky spills. Consider these solutions for polishing glass windows and transparent surfaces.

Get Disinfectant Wipes for Salons and Spas Online Today disinfecting wipes for spas and salons have a 12-month storage life. Plan ahead for busy weeks on the job, as we give you options to order disinfecting wipes in bulk. Order 10 cases together or even a 36-case pallet so you're always prepared for your clients.

Benefit from high-volume discounts when you purchase from For a bulk order quote, you can reach out to us online.